The Meadow -- Portland, OR


The Meadow is a cute little shop owned by Mark Bitterman that sources and sells a plethora of the highest quality chocolate, bitters, flowers, gourmet salts and wine. As Bitterman puts it, "those items are the essentials to life" ... and I absolutely agree with him! Each wall in the shop has a designated item; there's a wall of chocolate bars (with the most beautiful logos and packaging), a wall of 100+ bitters and handmade gourmet salts. The middle of the store has tasty samples and beautiful flowers from local florists in Portland. It's the perfect shop to get a gift for literally anybody in your life. The salt flavors range from neutral sea salts, to bacon salt, lavender salt, pinot noir salt, and chocolate salt. There are over 120 flavors of salt in the shop, not including the blocks. If you're unsure how to cook with salt blocks or gourmet salt, The Meadow has an easy to follow guide on how to use them. Not sure if you know what bitters are? If you've ever ordered an Old Fashioned cocktail, then you've had bitters. Here's a very useful  101 guide you can follow if you want to grow your bitter collection or try them for the first time. Flavors range from celery, licorice, cherry, orange, mint, bacon, cardamon, etc. The Meadow currently has 3 locations - 2 in Portland and 1 in New York. You can also order online from their website. If you're in Portland or New York, look them up and head straight there. Make sure you have time though! There's so much to look at, sample and buy. Have fun.