Running Essentials -- Ladies

Summer Run Board
Summer Run Board

I've got a half marathon coming up and I have running gear on the brain.

Are you thinking about running a race? Are you in the middle of training? Need some new gear for motivation? This list should help you out.

I'm taking full advantage of running shorts and tanks before the fall weather creeps up.  Thanks to T, I've been a walking billboard for Brooks lately. Brooks is an American running company that people sometimes confuse with Mizuno. I don't see how, but it happens often. Click the link to read more about the company and how they are working on reinventing their brand ---> {Brooks Running}. All of the Brooks products I've purchased have been stellar.

1. Brooks Visor-- keep the sun off of your face and still be able to wear a ponytail/bun.  2. Banana Boat 2 in 1 -- sunscreen is a must. This 2 in 1 acts as a lotion and UV blocker 3. Run Happy Tank -- moisture wicking clothing is everything 4. Sports Bra -- pay attention to your sports bras. Make sure your sports bra is made for higher impact movement. Sports bras for yoga and sports bras for running are in two different categories 5. Foam Roller -- this contraption helps loosen tight sore muscles. Link  <--- to foam roller "how-to" videos. 6. D'Lite Racer Shorts-- these shorts are amazing, they are so light you forget you have them on (that's the goal). 7. Garmin Forerunner 220-- this GPS watch is on my wish list. This is one of the newest Garmins that offers a color display 8. Brooks Ghost 7 -- my go to shoe. It's a neutral running shoe with just enough support. 3 color options. 9.S'wellH20 Bottle-- i'm obsessed with this water bottle. It keeps your liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. 10. Brooks Socks -- the more I run the more I feel the difference in socks made for running and regular everyday socks. Again, the goal is to forget you are wearing any.

Lace up your shoes, get motivated and go log some miles!