Pop Up Pastries - Los Angeles, CA

I had the pleasure of trying out one of Los Angeles' newest pastry companies -- Pop Up Pastries. Pop Up Pastries is a local start-up that "popped" up last summer. The baker behind it all is Kelly Mathews. Pop Up Pastries started as Kelly's hobby and quickly turned into a full-time business.  The unique thing about Pop Up Pastries is the use of local ingredients. All of the fruit used for the jam comes from Los Angeles farmers markets or the local farmers that Kelly has maintained relationships with over the years. The flavors change weekly, monthly and seasonally depending on the fruit that's available and in season.I ordered a 4 pack and received Cinnamon Sugar, Strawberry (x2) and Lemon Blackberry. There are a few ways to get your pastries. You can order online via the website (don't worry, they ships across the U.S), head to the Marina Del Rey Farmer's Market Thur 9a - 2p or Playa Vista Farmer's Market Sat 9a - 2p, R+D Kitchen in Santa Monica 8a - 10a or order via GoodEggs LA (free delivery in and around Los Angeles). 

I am deeming Kelly a dough expert; her tarts are the perfect combination of flake and butter. So perfect that you can see the layers when you bite into the tart. All 3 flavors I ordered were superb. I really wish I had ordered more! Another plus, these treats can be frozen for up to 3 months. Perfect to pop into the oven for a quick morning snack or brunch when you have guests over. 

Pop Up Pastries offers more than just their tarts, they also have: cookies, cookie dough, pie shells, pie crusts (whole wheat option too) and caramels. All of which can be ordered via their website or GoodEggs LA. I'm really excited to order more tarts and to try some of their other products. I'm looking forward to seeing where Pop Up Pastries pops up next! Find her at the farmers market or place your order online ... I promise you will fall in love and thank me!