Kumquat 101

Have you seen this fruit at the farmers market or your local market? It's a Kumquat. I'm in love with them right now! If you like extremely tart and sweet things you need to get your hands on these. Kumquats are a winter fruit and in season between January - March. When you purchase or pick your kumquats, you'll want to eat them sooner than later as they don't have a long shelf life as most fruits. If you have a branch of kumquats clip the bottom of the stem and store it in water (similar to fresh flowers). If the fruit is already off of the stem, store them in a paper bag or plastic bag in the refrigerator. To be honest, your best bet is to just eat them right away to avoid the risk of spoiling!Before eating, I like to rub the kumquats between my hands to release some of the oils and the fragrance from the skin. Not sure if it's a waste of time or a myth, but I still do it because I like the fragrance it leaves behind. Wondering how to eat these?  You can peel the skin off or eat the skin and the flesh. The seeds are edible too, but I don't eat them. If you like super sour things, you'll love this fruit. A girlfriend of my says it reminds her of a sour skittle, and I couldn't agree more.