Butternut Squash Soup + Spicy Sausage, Corn & Wild Rice

We are right in the thick of squash season right now. I can't walk through a farmers market or grocery store without seeing them hanging out front and center!  Even though it's still annoyingly hot in SoCal, I jumped the gun and made soup anyways; butternut squash soup (with wild rice, corn and andouille sausage). This soup isn't your standard issue squash puree; it's got texture from the rice, crunch from the corn and heat from the sausage. The actual butternut squash seems intimidating but don't get fooled, it's a pretty simple veggie to handle. There's so many ways you can cook a butternut squash -- roast it, blend it, noodle it or casserole it. You can also save and roast the seeds ---> recipe here.  They're quite addicting. I'm not big on frozen foods, but this soup is an exception to my rule. The recipe makes a big pot and after two days of butternut squash soup I decided to freeze the rest. Luckily this soup can be called the "second day soup", it tastes just as good, if not better on the second day. The flavors have time to sit, get comfy and meld together.  It's the perfect mid-week dinner -- thaw and or re-heat in a pot, add crusty bread and boom!


I found and adapted the recipe from this website. I cut the chicken stock down, used less half and half and of course used andouille sausage instead of kielbasa.  Andouille is my go to smoked sausage!The garnish is important here. If you haven't already devoured your roasted squash seeds, top each bowl with the seeds, extra sausage, parsley and fresh cracked pepper. It will make for a better presentation than just the soup in the bowl. And you get extra goodies.