Succulent Bowl


Succulents have been trending for a while now and will be for years to come (at least here in SoCal where it's rained 3 times in 5 months). You can find them in terrariums, wreaths, wall art and ground cover. They aren't a fussy plant and are pretty drought tolerant. Which means if you have a black thumb and forget to water your plants, these are for you! If you over water them, they will die; they only need water every now and then!  I've been growing succulents for about 6 years, some new, some old and some really really old. I've lost a few along the way and gained new ones from propagation. If you don't remember what that is from grade school, basically my plants had babies and started a new plant. I took the succulent babies and grew a completely new plant. *Note: If you plan on handling the cacti, buy a good pair of thick gardening gloves! The needles HURT. Happy Planting!

The plants below are the newest addition to the loft garden.