House Plant Inspiration

I spent much of the weekend digging in the dirt and drawing up plans for a DIY plant bench. I'm half way there with the design; I'm just waiting on the delivery of a few parts. Oh, and when I say digging in the dirt, that means container plant dirt; I live in a loft. Not having outdoor space, doesn't mean you can't have an indoor "garden" to enjoy. There are so many ways you can pull together an indoor plant space. Just be aware of the type of plants you are buying and the lighting in your house. Some plants need more light than others. Today's mood board is dedicated to House Plants. I've been obsessing and day dreaming about plants so here's a few indoor plant designs that I think nailed it. Sourced From:  1. Urban Outfitters   2. Buzzfeed   3. Gardenista   4. West Elm   5. SF Girly By Bay   6. Free People