Easy Blooms


Don't wait around for someone to buy you flowers. Treat your self!  If you don't have access to a flower market, a good start is at the front of your favorite grocery market. Get creative; as long as you think it looks good, then it looks good!

Questions to Ask?!

1. Colorful or monochromatic?

2. Unique or elegant?

3. How many arrangements?

4. What containers will i use?

A big mistake people make when they buy or receive flowers (not already arranged), is not removing the leaves. The point of an arrangement is to see the flower, not the leaves of the flowers. Picking the leaves off also helps with your flowers lasting longer than 3 days. Its tedious just do it.

Quick How To: 

1. Fill vase with water.

2. Trim the bottom of your flowers to the height you want. Tip: Chop carefully, you can't glue stems back together.

3. Create

4. If your bouquet will be in the center of a table, make sure its even from all angles.

Feed your flowers -- adding sugar, sprite or ginger ale to the water will help them last longer.  Just be sure to you use a clear liquid!